MBSC Advanced Leadership Program
Long-lasting transformational impact

STARTS Date DATES: Module 1: November 05th - 07th, 2023
Module 2: December 03rd - 05th, 2023

*Divided into two modules of three days each.


COURSE FEES WHERE: Module 1: Riyadh City
Module 2: Riyadh City

*Tax not included.
*The program fee Includes tuition, course materials, and access to Alumni Membership benefits.

Leadership matters to everyone. Whether you are developing your own leadership skills now or aspiring to become a leader someday, learning what leadership is, how it is changing in the modern world, what is distinctive about it in the context of the Middle East and of the KSA, and how to acquire the mindset that allows your leadership capabilities to continue to expand and improve throughout your life are the goals of this flagship MBSC Advanced Leadership Program.

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This advanced leadership program is an opportunity to learn how to lead with impact and an entrepreneurial mindset. It is for people who are already leading departments/organizations, or for those who want to explore the transition into more strategic roles within their organizations, who have a flair to improve themselves, empower people around them, grow their organization, or just succeed in the competitive environment. It has been designed for those with a drive to lead with confidence and achieve high performance and those who want to lead their own entrepreneurial ventures, whether stand-alone start-ups or ventures, inside larger organizations.

The program allows a space to discover inherent strengths and harness new skills, including the entrepreneurial mindset, and for connecting with like-minded leaders towards self-actualization and organizational success. The program will change you to be more strategic, innovative, and more motivated.


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Participant profile

  • Senior managers and aspiring leaders
  • High-level managers and decision-makers
  • Managers within private, public, or non-profit organizations
  • Project managers in charge of leading high-performance teams


Our focus is the same as yours: Your growth and an immediate and long-lasting return on investment.
At MBSC’s Advanced Leadership Program, you can expect the following:


Complete the Program In 6-days

Complete an intensive, practical, hands-on interactive program in 6 days only

Earn a Digital

Receive a digital Certificate in Business Specialty on MBSC Advanced Leadership Program from Prince Mohammed bin Salman College of Business and Entrepreneurship


Note: After successful completion of the program, you’ll also be granted a verified digital certificate that will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering for the program.

All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of MBSC Executive Education.

Learn From renowned Faculty members

Learn from accomplished Professors who are a cut above the rest in their field, are based in Saudi Arabia and come from diverse international backgrounds

Be a Member of MBSC Executive Education Network

Enjoy the immense learning and networking benefits by becoming a part of the MBSC’s network of professionals


Participants will:
  1. Understand and know one’s own personality and behaviour
  2. Develop versatile leadership practices
  3. Build high-performance teams
  4. Deepen collaboration skills and the ability to work across departments and organizations
  5. Lead strategic change and capability-building initiatives
  6. Lead minds and hearts
After attending the program, the participants will be able to:
  • Develop a better understanding of entrepreneurial leadership and other leadership perspectives, styles, barriers, and evolving skills
  • Initiate self-awareness and critical reflection in identifying one’s own competencies, strengths, and areas of improvements.
  • Understand your personal leadership style and improve your coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Acquire skills to identify, evaluate, and resolve a variety of issues related to the critical task of leading people.
  • Explore the importance of effective communication, conflict resolution, negotiation, team dynamics, and active engagement in moving from managing to leading with impact
  • Know how to create committed leadership teams, more efficient performance, less turnover, stronger leaders, and positive outcomes.
  • A useful network of like-minded professionals and invaluable resources for future business and professional dealings
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Your Learning Journey

The program curriculum is built around 2 highly integrated modules THAT CONSIST OF 24 SESSIONS

1 Module 1
Personal Leadership


  • Personality & Behavior: Key Implications for Leadership Effectiveness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership & Power: Balancing Hard-power & Soft-power
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership: Leading with Limited Resources
  • Leadership in Uncertainty: The Power of Doubt
  • Leading Hearts and Minds: Leading for win-win

2 Module 2
Organizational Leadership


  • Persuasion & Influence: Effective Bargaining & Negotiation
  • Leadership in Context: Social, Cultural, Religious, & Gender-based Environment
  • Leading Teams: Team Conflict Networks and Social Capital
  • Leadership and Decision Making: Effectiveness and The Process
  • Transformational Leading: Changing Individuals, Organizations, & Societies

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Participants will take advantage of

Distinctive Pedagogy
  • A program curricula that include simulations, localized & international case discussions, the world's top companies cases, negotiations, interactive lectures, and coaching led by our world-class faculty.

Group Experience & Discussions
  • Get involved in the transformational experience in our classrooms infused with a synergistic environment with participants from different experiences, backgrounds, and viewpoints.
  • Experience the distinctive MBSC culture that is collaborative, creative, and focused on supporting individuals and organizations to succeed.

Network With Professionals
  • Bonding with members and world-class faculty in the program will enrich and create a long-lasting knowledge experience after the program.
  • Continue the conversation with the faculty and your fellow leaders on different social media platforms after the program.

Meet the Faculty

Muhammad Azam Roomi, Ph.D.

Program Director, Professor of Entrepreneurship

Function and Specialization

  • Entrepreneurship Leadership
  • Growth of Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Leading Family Businesses
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Islamic Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship for Youth and Women
  • New Venture Creation, Business Idea Generation, and Opportunity Recognition
  • Creativity and Innovation for Entrepreneurial Ventures
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Dr. Muhammad Azam Roomi is a passionate entrepreneurship ‘activator’ and has successfully conceptualized, designed, and conducted executive and continuing programs in more than fifty countries worldwide. He served as the Director of the Executive MBA program and MSc Management and Entrepreneurship program at the Cranfield School of Management, UK. He also held a principal lectureship at the University of Bedfordshire, where he played a major role in developing the business school’s graduate program portfolio. He was also instrumental in setting up the research agenda for the Centre for Women’s Enterprise, with a focus on the growth and development of women-owned enterprises in the UK and other Asian and Islamic countries.

His teaching and research focus on entrepreneurial leadership, growth of entrepreneurial ventures, women’s entrepreneurship development especially in the context of Muslim countries, family business management, and Islamic entrepreneurship.

Select Professional Experience

  • Acted as a consultant to national governments including the UK, Qatar, Oman, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Honduras; multi-lateral agencies such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Union Higher Education Social Fund, ILO, and UN-APCTT; and numerous private organizations worldwide.
  • Served as the Chair of Marsh Farm Community Development Trust, UK (2009-2015) and the Vice-Chair of the Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, UK (2008-2010).
  • A fellow of the Royal Society of Arts-UK, Higher Education Academy - UK (HEA), National Council for Entrepreneurship Education - UK (NCEE), Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD), and European Entrepreneurship Educators Program (3ep). His innovative teaching and capacity building pedagogies have been recognized, acknowledged and appreciated globally.
  • Works with charities and corporates on how to encourage and implement entrepreneurship.
  • He has been an invited member of the judging panel for UK Corporate Entrepreneurship Awards, the Asian Entrepreneur Awards, and The Case Centre’s case method competitions.
  • His work has been published in the Journals such as; Small Business Management, International Small Business Journal, Technovation, and Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, among others.
  • Published several cases and teaching notes.
  • He has been a workshop tutor for The Case Centre, with experience of delivering case teaching and writing workshops to private, public sector, academic and corporate clients from around the globe.

Awards & Honors

  • Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference, Highly Commended Paper Award-2016
  • Cranfield School of Management ‘Researcher of the Year’ Faculty Award-2016
  • International Council for Small Business World Conference Best Paper Award-2015
  • ICSB/GIWE/IJGE/CWEL Best Paper Award on Women’s Entrepreneurship-2013
  • Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Reviewer Award-2013
  • Vice-Chancellor Student Experience Award (Highly Commended)-2013
  • NCEE European Entrepreneurship Educators Fellowship Award-2012



Zeger Degraeve, Ph.D.

Executive Dean

Function and Specialization

  • Professor of Management Science
  • Decision-making, risk, operations research

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Dr. Zeger Degraeve is the Dean of Prince Mohammad bin Salman College of Business and Entrepreneurship. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Degraeve is an expert in decision-making, risk, operations research and managing project portfolios. An award-winning teacher, he has contributed to executive development programs in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Russia, and North America for leading businesses.

Dr. Degraeve Started his academic journey as a Professor of Management Science at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, his home country, before joining London Business School in 1999.

After studying at the Universities of Ghent and Leuven in Belgium, Dr. Degraeve gained his Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, now Booth School of Business, in 1992.

Select Professional Experience

  • He was the Associate Dean of the Executive MBA and Executive MBA-Global Programs. March 2002 until August 2005
  • Served as London Business School’s Deputy Dean Programs and a member of the School's Management Committee and Board of Governors. August 2005 until August 2007
  • Became Dean of Melbourne Business School in November 2011, as well as Co-Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics of The University of Melbourne
  • Established an alliance between Melbourne Business School and The University of Melbourne in May 2013.
  • Provided consultancy support across a range of issues including: operations management, logistics and supply chain management, environmental planning and purchasing strategy.
  • Consultancy clients include the European Commission, Andersen Business Consulting, National Economic Research Associates (NERA) and McKinsey and Co.
  • With his extensive executive education expertise, Dr. Degraeve has been sought after to contribute to executive development programs in numerous leading international businesses, including: HSBC, Cadbury Schweppes, Novartis, Rio Tinto, E.on, Carlsberg, Merck Serono, SABIC, BP, Shell, Hess Oil, Premier Oil, Zain/Celtel, Orascom, Dubai Holdings, Majid Al Futtaim, and IBM.
  • Dr. Degraeve’s research has won several awards, including: Association of the European Operational Research Societies’ (EURO) Prize for Best Applied Paper and the Chairman's Award for the Best Applied Contributed Paper by INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences).
  • He has published over 50 articles on decision making, optimization, scenario analysis and risk assessment for leading journals, including: Management Science, Operations Research, INFORMS Journal on Computing, European Journal of Operational Research, Interfaces and Harvard Business Review. He is also a regular speaker at international conferences.


Farzad R. Khan, Ph.D.

Professor of Strategy

Function and Specialization

  • Change Management
  • General Management
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategy

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Participants Profile


Position Levels

Years of Experience

*Source: MBSC Executive Education Analysis, 2022.